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Get Your Texas Trade-In Value Easily Online!

Determine your vehicle’s trade-in value with our Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer tool available here for Clear Lake drivers. Trade in your vehicle with our Blue Book tool to take money off the MSRP of a new vehicle or used vehicle at our Webster dealership. Get your Blue Book trade-in value above in just a few clicks!

Get Your Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value Estimate

Wondering how to use our Jeep trade-in value tool? Getting a value estimate for your car takes just a few minutes! First, provide your vehicle’s make/model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), or license plate. Then, provide more information about your car’s details, any modifications, vehicle history, and vehicle condition. Then, provide your contact information.
Our online tool will provide you with your car’s Kelley Blue Book trade-in value, based on current market values. Whether you’re looking for a KBB Jeep or KBB RAM or Dodge trade-in value estimate, our tool will tell you what you can expect, based on the information you provide. Finally, you’ll receive your cash offer, which you can print out and bring to our dealership with your car. You can call us after you’ve received your trade-in offer if you have any questions about the process:
If you have additional questions about blue book values are calculated, you can learn more about blue book vs. black book trade-in values from our handy comparison.

How to Trade-In My Car & Maximize Value

If you’re like most Clear Lake drivers, you want to get the highest value possible from your Jeep or Dodge trade-in. Take the following steps to potentially increase your car’s trade-in value:
  • Clean Your Car: Clean up your car’s interior; vacuum the carpet, clean the seats, wipe down the dash, and clean the windows. As for the exterior, wash the car and give it a good wax. If you can, touch up any scratches or scuffs on the car’s exterior to make it more presentable.
  • Address Any Mechanical Issues You Can: While we don’t recommend sinking money into a car you’re planning to trade in, we do recommend taking care of what you can. For example, if your car needs new brake pads or fresh oil, take care of the basics before bringing it to the dealership.

More from Big Star CJDR

Our Houston Dodge dealership offers a range of services in addition to vehicle trade-ins to help your next car-buying experience go smoothly.

  • Trade in your vehicle toward one of our new vehicle specials or pre-owned vehicle specials to save even more on your vehicle purchase
  • Use our car payment calculator to see how much your monthly car payments will be after factoring in your vehicle trade
  • Visit our service center to keep your next vehicle up-to-date with regular maintenance, or to get your current vehicle in better shape to increase its trade-in value

If you’re ready to trade in your car, fill out the fields in the tool above, then submit! If you have any questions along the way, contact us online or call us at 281-699-2793 to speak with one of our friendly representatives!