Top Road Trip Apps

Every day it seems there are more apps added to make everything easier, from health to organization to travel. Here are some of my favorites that I use when we’re on the road, heading to dance competitions!

1. Gas Buddy – Gas Buddy helps you find the most inexpensive gas on your route. Obviously, the station right off the highway isn’t always the cheapest option, and you can save plenty! Since Gas Buddy relies on users to keep the app updated, they offer reward points for updating the gas prices. You can use those reward points to get prizes, and enter to win $100 in free gas every day.

2. Toll Smart – Tolls are incredibly aggravating and can eat up a big chunk of your budget. Toll Smart maps out all the tolls on your route and gives you various options. It can’t get you a discount, but it can help you budget before you even leave so there are no expensive surprises!

3. RoadTrippers – This is probably my favorite apps to use while on a trip. You can find restaurants, hotels, parks, attractions, and anything else you might need. You can plan out your trip in the app, saving locations and stops into a trip plan that can be synced to multiple devices. It has saved SO many arguments about where we’ll eat, that it’s well worth it!

4. Journi – It won’t make the actual trip easier, but if will help you journal all the memories along the way. You can “blog” your memories, using pictures from your phone. You can add text and a map and you can share your journey with friends and family. You can even use it offline if there isn’t great service along your way.

5. Google Trips – is like having a virtual travel agent keeping track of everything. All your travel details are in one place, so you aren’t searching through email for confirmation numbers or details.

There is plenty of clutter in the app store, but these five are all well worth the space on your phone!