How to Check Car Oil

Checking oil level on dipstick

Unless you drive an electric car, your vehicle needs oil to keep the engine running at its best. Fresh oil helps lubricate the engine’s moving parts, prevent overheating, and keep the engine free of debris and sludge. Keep reading to learn how to check car oil, as well as how to reset the engine oil light, in a few easy steps! 



How to Check the Oil Level in Your Car

A lot of newer cars don’t have a dipstick; they use an electronic oil monitor. Check your owner’s manual to see what the case is for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM. If your car does have a dipstick, take the steps below: 

  1. First, make sure the car is parked on level ground. Turn the car off and let it sit until the engine is cool. 
  2. Pop the hood and locate the dipstick. 
  3. Remove the dipstick and wipe it off with a clean towel or rag. 
  4. Put the dipstick back into its tube, then pull it out once more.
  5. Look at both sides to see where the level is.

Why Check Your Car’s Oil Level?

Oil changes are often overlooked, but they’re extremely important when it comes to maintaining your engine’s performance. Generally, you should check your car’s oil level at least once a month. Checking your oil every month can help highlight issues that you would otherwise miss. If you notice anything strange, schedule a service appointment at Big Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat Clear Lake to have the issue addressed. 

How to Reset Oil Change Light

If you’ve changed your oil, you may need to reset the oil change light. Not sure how to reset your oil change light? Take the steps below: 

  • Turn all systems of your car off, but leave the engine running.
  • Locate the “reset” button or stick on the dashboard (usually found near the speedometer and fuel gauge).
  • Push the button and hold it down until the oil change light begins to flash (sign of resetting may differ per vehicle).
  • Turn the car off, and wait a few seconds. Then, turn the engine back on. 

After completing these steps, the oil light should be reset. You can always reach out to the service center at Big Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat Clear Lake if you run into any issues. 

Schedule Oil Service at Big Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat Clear Lake in Webster! 

Is your car due for an oil change? The service center at Big Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat Clear Lake has you covered. If you have any questions about our service menu and pricing, contact us online or call us at 281-800-5282. 


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